Family Constellations

Family Constellations

Family constellations are a classical tool to shed light onto family dynamics and ancestral inheritance. We can connect with deceased ones, heal traumatic ancestral patterns, and bring order into a family system for love to flow naturally.

System Constellations

System constellations are a way to bring awareness to any kind of system. We can shed light onto our inner world, understand the function of illnesses, gain insight about dynamics at a workplace or any kind of relationship. We can even constellate collective scenarios like pandemics or understand political scenarios such as wars.

“Last year I had the pleasure of taking part in several constellations led by Elisabeth. She knows how to create a space that provides the atmosphere and security needed for this intimate type of work. When you meet her, you immediately notice that she is a person with a special charisma and that her perceptiveness allows her to respond sensitively and yet firmly to the participants and to lead and direct events professionally. I also felt well protected and taken care of when I was constellating my topic. It was a very intense and profound experience, a power of which I still benefit from today.”


“Before my first session with Elisabeth, I was skeptical to do constellation work online. She holds the space beautifully and attentively. Her awareness of every detail and even the subtleness of the process makes it a deep and rich work. The way she uses graphics on screen creates a lot of support in the process. I would highly recommend both one on one sessions and group family constellations. It has truly brought me closer to being my true self.”


For me, constellation work is an amazing tool to understand how to work with emotions without dissociating, over-identifying or acting out. It is an embodied practice that throws us into a process or situation beyond the boundaries of the rational mind. It is a way to become conscious of our unconscious patterns and to deeply learn about the interconnectedness of all phenomena and beings.

Constellation work helps us to learn to be present and see what has been unseen.

On a physical level, we re-connect our right brain with our left brain hemisphere in the areas where connections have been broken due to unprocessed painful experiences and trauma.

Disconnects can occur between parts of ourselves, between members of our current systems, or in the generations before us. By reconnecting and integrating, we become more whole and complete.

I work with groups in person and online, and facilitate one-to-one sessions via Zoom.

One-to-One constellation session

online via Zoom

duration: 90 minutes

contribution: €155

If you cannot afford the normal price, I am happy to reduce the hourly rate. Please talk to me about this in advance.

Closed constellation group

online via Zoom

10 three hour-long group constellation sessions spread over the course of a year

Max. 12 people per batch

closed group setting to create a safe space

In English and German

contribution: €400

Open constellation circle

online via Zoom

On an irregular basis

in English

donation based

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