Dakini Circle

A project full of heart and soul

Dakini Circle is an open invitation for all people interested in discovering their true nature beyond gender, nationality, race and faith! Men, women and non-binary people are all welcome to join our circle!

Our intention with Dakini Circle is to spread information about our innate Dakini nature (=Buddha nature) and thus alleviate the suffering of all sentient beings. It is essential for us to learn about our Dakini nature, but mere knowledge is not enough to free us from suffering. That’s why Dakini Circle focussed on the practical side of spirituality.

Since knowledge alone is not enough to permanently experience freedom, bliss and fulfillment, it is our hearts’ calling to share workable tools so that all of us can heal and thus be able to slowly experience Buddha nature.

Embodied experience is what furthers our spiritual evolution and helps us to develop trust and confidence in ourSelves, and transform ignorance into wisdom.

Once we have experienced our Dakini nature, we naturally develop limitless, authentic compassion and naturally wish to serve all living beings.

Dakinis (Tibetan: Khandro) are timeless, free and unconventional wisdom beings full of compassion who are completely dedicated to awakened spirit.
There are worldly Dakinis and wisdom Dakinis. Worldly Dakinis are on their way to becoming wisdom Dakinis. A wisdom Dakini is a Buddha.
An authentic Dakini lives her life devoted to the eternal heart and the awakening of all sentient beings, unafraid to experience humanity and ride the rollercoaster of embodied life.

A Dakini is brave by nature and has no choice but to follow the truth of her heart at all moments – often making her an outsider in mainstream society.

Our Dakini Nature has no gender, no gender identification, no age and no expiration date. It is our true nature, also called Buddha nature.

Our true nature cannot really be described by words because it cannot be grasped by the rational mind. However, Dakini nature can be experienced by all of us and therefore is what connects all beings. It is so close to us, that we often spend years looking in the external because we don’t understand that it has always been there waiting for us to explore.

Descriptive qualities such as all-encompassing, equanimous, clear, wise, peaceful, luminous, dynamic, alive and compassionate can give us an idea of ​​our Dakini nature.

Our collective image of enlightenment is heavily influenced by male images due to millennia of patriarchy. Many Yoginis have been told that as a woman, you cannot experience enlightenment.

Dakinis cut through all these limiting beliefs and support all of us (regardless of gender, age, nationality) on the path to awakening. Dakinis are not just for women, but for all sentient ones who seriously wish to develop spiritually and realize their Dakini nature for the benefit of all.