I offer individual and couples therapy for adults based on systemic, trauma-therapeutic and non-dual principles. Also, I am highly influenced by Buddhist psychology and Meditation and work with elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Individual Therapy

Before the process of therapy begins, there will be an initial consultation in which you will briefly describe the topics you wish to work on. After the initial session, I will let you know if I believe that my approach is helpful for you.

Then, we will have four probatory sessions in which you and I will check together whether a joint work over a longer period of time will be helpful and possible.

If you have a German “Heilpraktiker Zusatzversicherung” or a private insurance, it can be possible to bill individual psychotherapy through your private health insurance (here in the so-called cost reimbursement procedure). Please get in touch with your insurance for that.

Some clients decide to cover the therapy costs from their own resources. This means that insurance does not have to be informed about the implementation of psychotherapy. The insurance companies’ requirements regarding the total number and frequency of meetings do not apply either.

Couple’s Therapy

Couples therapy is usually of shorter duration than individual therapy.

After some initial sessions with the both of you, I oftentimes offer to work with you individually, for a while. This has shown itself as being very effective, as oftentimes one of the clients is more eager to work than the other and might be more ready to change patterns in her- or himself. When one part of the couple changes automatically, it will have an impact on the relationship and its patterns.

Usually, after a while, the three of us will get together again and see what you could implement from our collaboration and where you wish to develop further.


Online via Zoom or in person in Bad Belzig

Duration: 50 minutes

Contribution: €90

Couple’s Therapy

Online via Zoom or in person in Bad Belzig

Duration: 70 minutes

Contribution: €144

Psychotherapy does not work overnight. You should therefore be prepared for a longer treatment period (between 25 and 100 sessions), during which you will usually have a 50-minute session with me once a week.

If you cannot afford the normal price, I can offer you a reduced rate. Please address this before the initial consultation.